Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogging: What makes it a passion Now?


Getting 4000 Readers of You in a Single Day is obviously a matter of pride. Teaching The Einstein Theory Of Relativity to a Tribal man is just a Work out of imagination, All of us are not Bloggers But are All Literate For Sure. So To Explain you The Pleasure in Blogging I Take This Article To a World Offline by Taking an Example.
Consider Yourself A Teacher; more than that consider yourself a Master of something. You Have The knowledge about the Thing More Than Any Normal Man Have.
Now You Start a School; In Real Life it costs great Investment but here you can start it with zero investment, back To the Topic, 20 days after You Started Your School it Gets Accompanied by 2000 Students. Everyday 100 More Students Come To Join your school, Now what is the feel of teaching 5000 Students per day, What is the feel of being Called yourself a Teacher by People older Than You, the feel of getting Respect from people all over the world, a feel of becoming famous at an age of just 18. THIS IS BLOGGING. What The Different from the real world is that here you give Zero Investment to your Work, You Just Need to give 10 hours to it in Every 170 of Your Life (One Week).
Here you Don’t Need To Teach in Batches of 50, But That’s Not all That makes blogging a passion now, Its No much Different From a Real School, here you are given a Chance To Earn, The More You Blog The More you earn. Earning here Do not Refer To just Money, More you will get Of Satisfaction, the More you Will Earn, The More You Will be Respected, The More You Will go Famous. So Combining All This Blogging is A One Single EASY Platform That Passes Your Time, Earn You More In Life, Go Famous, Get Self Respect, Get A Feel To Be Mature, Getting All This For Zero Cost is a great Reason For Blogging to Be A Rising passion in This Century.