Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Blog Cycle

The Blog Cycle

Blog Cycle is nothing that Physically Exists. It is Just something that You Must Follow To make your blog go hit in one year.

Actually Blogging Demands time and content from you, Most of the bloggers stop To Blog when they find their blog out of Page Views.

Two things that I told, Time and Content as the main ones are alone nor enough. They should be managed in a very proper way. Parallel to it of course S.E.O is also important for you.

What you need to do is to divide your work with time then at what time what should you do, make a plan accordingly.

One thing that I mostly say that having views from search engines is not the real success for you or your blog but when you have it by your subscriptions then it is better.

And when you get them when someone reaches you by placing your Site address in the address bar then it is far more better because then you are remembered by your name, not by placing some keyword in a search engine's Search box.

Here there is something that a blogger must understand to get his Blog to a Better place, and how should he maintain a balance in all the works that you have to do while blogging.

Many newbie bloggers think that you can just grab traffic from just two things that is Search engines by good S.E.O, and From Social Media.

There are many other countless ways by Which You can Promote Your Blog but here I pay attention how to make a balance between S.E.O friendly and User Friendly Posts.

Remember that you are blogging for Readers not for Search Engine Robots!

Also I say that for Reading Further You must Already be Knowing Something about S.E.O and Placing Gadgets on your Blog that you can learn here Easily.

Now comes that How Should you maintain our Blog for That just Have a look at the diagram below.

Here you saw that for the first 6 months you have to pay great attention to S.E.O this will make you famous among the Search Engines; this will also help you in the next Step.

At this time you should also promote your blog through social media and grab as much traffic as you can. You should also do a lot of Guest Posting that will also make you get backlinks and when the next step comes you will be with a good Page-Rank because of the Backlinks You have built.

You know that Google now updates its Page-Rank every three months approximately so there will be two updates until you proceed to the Next Step.

Now after six Months when you have built enough Search Engine Attraction, Social Popularity, good page rank and alexia rank. Now it comes time for The Second Step.

Here in the second step what you need to do is to make your blog language more user friendly up to your limits.

You must give your visitors some unique content, Something more than they have expected and then they will definitely subscribe you.

You should also lean to place gadgets on your blog in a proper way this includes placing the social buttons and the subscribe to newsletters at places where you are most attractive and to the places that are most visible on your blog.

The main purpose here will be of developing subscribers at the most that you can. Subscribers are the permanent visitors of you so you should definitely have as much of them.

So at this time you will be getting Traffic from search engines by the S.E.O work that you did previously and also from your permanent visitors.

When Half of This Time is Over Then you can monetize your blog. So here I mean to say that after 8-9 months of work your blog you can monetize it because till then if you have performed all the above steps correctly you must be full of traffic and reputation.

After the Second Step when The third Step comes to a start you must be having three things good S.E.O, Subscribers, Quality Content, Some money.

Now comes Time for The Third Step,
At this time you need to have some good S.E.O tools and good experience of your work. Now you need to improve your user friendly posts with the S.E.O tools and then do wonders from it.

Your excellent blog is ready in an year that have all the qualities. And will definitely show you good results because as you can see in the diagram that while on the third step you receive traffic from all the previous works you have done.

At the third step you are ready to make a balance between everything you do for blogging and also will have experience.

Writing posts for your blog, Promoting through Social media, S.E.O and guest blogging is not everything you need to do.

This work is not something that has everything predefined like now you have to do this thing, next must be this, and than that.

Here we make discoveries every hour every blogger have his own ideas and you must develop them for you that will help you with good blogging.

Blogging Demands time and if you give it you will definitely outshine among the Stars one Day and then you will feel proud of yourself.

It is something like the story of tortoise and hare that everyone of us must have read once or twice. All you need to follow is that:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Never mind You are Slow be steady work continuously you will do Great for Sure.

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