Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Not Change your Blogger Template or Theme

Some Reasons For You Should not Change your Blog's Template or Theme

While Someone Starts Blogging, he get's fantasized by it. And this is what blogging actually is. While someone is new to blogging and when he starts getting page views up to 1k per Day then comes a stage when he starts thinking of customising your Blog. For some other people this stage comes before this also and for some it is after that. But there is something in my mind for what i think that you should not change your blog's template. This is what i gained From my Experience. I will Tell You my short Story about how i realised that changing your blog's template frequently is not a good job to do.

This was when i started my life as a blogger. After a month or two when i started getting good page views for me i got an idea stuck to my mind that my blog's Template is not good. I thought of getting a new one. And from that time i started searching for another good template. After a research of a couple of days and after viewing hundred's of the blogger templates i got one for me. After that i realised something that i thought  would never. It took more then a week to customise the template completely for my blog. The customising included arranging pages, Creating drop down menus, Placing some more widgets, removing the old ones, customising the Footers and Headers and many other such things. Actually this was not a work that took a complete week to finish but when we start blogging then we have to carry on writing posts and reading other blogs parallel to whatever we do. But i thought that this is the cost that i am paying for my new template. But after the Week when i got the time to view my stats i was shocked. I saw that my page views were now half they were before. Actually i was not good and Philosophical about blogging at that time. Then i Blamed it to the Template that it was the thing responsible for that situation. I then Searched for another Template and repeated the process again. But that too did not help me to cope up with the situation. I next Thought that my template that i used earlier was the lucky one for me. And Decided to use That one Again. But this was again my misunderstanding. I spent a Whole month changing the templates and at the end when i got frustrated i decided that i will select a single template apply it and then use it For all the Future. I did the same.
After a Week or two i saw an increment in my blog's page views. I did'n understand anything, My life grew, i met other bloggers, shared my views, they shared with me and then after many months i came to final point that i thought was mainly responsible for decreasing my daily Hits.
What made me get more page views wan my way of blogging. It was traditional, i always developed a fantasy and craze in my reader's mind by bounding them to visit another post by me. For this i used the last paragraph of the post, giving them an intro and link to the other related post and asking them to visit it for better understanding. This made me get more page views from a reader. This was beneficial to both me and the reader too. I got hits for my blog and the readers got the information and knowledge more then expected.

What i Think made me lose Page Views When i Changed my Template?

When i Changed my template my visitors when reached my blog they noticed that all the stuff was lying here and there in an disorderly fashion. When you reach a place on internet searching for something and you notice that that the admin have not managed the blog properly then a feeling develops in your mind that if the admin is like this then the content here will be definitely not good.  So instead of reading my Posts one by one my visitors closed my blog and then Thought that let me search for some other good place. For those Some Who were my Regular Visitors also Stopped reading me because they thought i was now doing something nonsense they got confused every time i placed my widget on some new location.
I researched Further and noticed that none of The Professional Bloggers change their Templates Frequently. The Reason that i gathered was that your template does not matter your popularity. Of course if you are Getting a good reputation in the world of blogging then you must have a good template for you but i say that have a good template once and then don't change it. Just go up with it and enjoy. The Other Reason is that all of the men are not professional with internet. Once they find your blog as good and then they decide that they will now always search the relevant knowledge on your blog. But know when you have changed your Template they may think that this is some another blog ans is not the one that you previously visited.
Small Things together make a big difference. Blogging is a business where i advise you not to take any risk where the history says that the result will be bad. The difference that you make by these small things you must take to a positive direction.

Of Course you should have a good attractive and SEO Friendlily Template. And if you dont have one then you may change your blog's template. But There are many things that you must also see before Choosing a  Blogger template. You should decide that you keep a premium  template or a free one. Some times when you get a Premium Template free of cost then you become exited of it. But there are many great Disadvantages of It That i Will Discuss in my new Post That will Tell You How to Select a Template for Your blog.


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