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About Us

Harsh Rathi

Harsh RathiHarsh Rathi is an Indian Blogger who Blogs About Information Technology and Computers. He Started blogging since the Day He discovered that he have got his interest most in web designing and Technology. He Have Also Blogged on Some Oher Blogs too About Technology. But This One is For How to Blog? What to Blog? Where to Blog? And When to Blog? At a short This Place Is intended for the web masters around the world. You will also be given The latest updates about Technology.

About The Blog
This Blog is Just Another Work Of Harsh Rathi That Tells You About Technology and Blogging. The Admin Says That Blogging is an Art. Any men with a good Idea can make a blog that no one can ever compete with. But The thing is that do you blog about what you really like? Do you blog your Passion? If yes then you are definitely an excellent Blogger, Because You doing this makes you share what you like. And that's All. Blogging means Sharing Human Knowledge that you know with the world. But to stay high in the competition is a challenge that every blogger have to face Definitely.


The Owner of this Blog Harsh Rathi love to help and Connect With People. Not Even here but on My Other Blogs too He Gives a touch to every Single Man who Seeks for His Help. He usually Help about Technology, Blogging and Computers Specially. So if you want to contact him or if You Want any Help From Him just Email Him at harsh.rathi@live.com and you will be surely given a soft touch of positive response.